Windows Material Database (WinMD)


This page provides access into the Window Materials Database (WinMD). This database was developed by NASA to provide performance information for windowpane material selections. The performance information was developed by conducting a variety of tests representing spacecraft relevant environments and performance conditions. The NASA Spacecraft window team welcomes you to browse this information to perform your trade studies for new spacecraft window designs. Per fenestram ad astra!

For more information on the development philosophy of the WinMD, please read this.

To submit recommendations (of new materials to test or specific other tests), comments, or suggestions, please email here.

How To Gain Access

  • WinMD access is granted by submitting a NAMS request for JSC ES Window Material Database (WinMD).
  • While the Windows Material Database (WinMD) is available to all NASA enterprise users who are US citizens, the NAMS access request website is an internal resource.
  • If you do not have access to this internal resource, the request will need to be made by your NASA sponsor or a person on your contract with access to NAMS.
  • For international partners, be sure JSC ES Window Material Database (WinMD) is listed on your access control plan (ACP).

WinMD Developer Credits:
Window Team: Lynda Estes, Hannah Bradley, Jamshid Banakar, Mykale-Jamal Holland
Optics: Ken Tedjojuwono, William Humphreys
HVI: Marcus Sandy, Alberto Delgado
UV/Radiation: Jason Vaughn
Atomic Oxygen: Sharon Miller, Bruce Banks
Materials & Thermal properties: Daniel Kim, Shakira Morera-felix
Flammability: Ilse Alcanterra
Strength: Lynda Estes, Hannah Bradley, Mykale-Jamal Holland
Web Interface Development: Jackie Vu, Lina Mueller, Kelly Cooper